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Brand Development & Communications
for Social Good Organizations

Brand Development

Content Strategy

Creative Direction

Execution & Distribution

Let's Connect!

RozLilia Salgado offers full-service off-site communications support for social good nonprofit & mission-driven organizations.


Why Work with RozLilia?

Experienced Collaborative Professional

Collaborative Approach

Effective communication builds strong relationships, and those relationships are yours. Adopt a collaborative approach to tailor a strategy that's sustainable for you.

Innovation that Makes Sense

Work smarter not harder. Stop chasing the shiny new things!
Strategically invest in the trends & technology that make sense for your organization instead.

Alignment is Crucial

Amazing things happen when purposeful storytelling starts and stays aligned with your core values & mission to engage, inspire, and empower the people you aim to serve.

Andy Mage

Chief Executive Officer of DigitalChurch.Network

"Great talent in marketing, and, in particular, brand management.  ...the way that she seamlessly moves from back-end to customer-facing communications is unparalleled.
Roz has been a joy to work with because of her focus on vision, mission, values, and core beliefs."
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