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Connect Effectively,
Communicate with Heart

Meet a friendly Communications Coach & Implementation Strategist who wants to help your organization serve others in a meaningful way no matter where in the USA you are

RozLilia Salgado is a brand & communications professional with over 20 years of experience and earned expertise working with people who ran billion dollar global financial services giants to small business entrepreneurs, to start up nonprofit organizations.

Nowadays, her business education, career path, personal experiences, and heart-centered attitude continually inspire her to offer full-service off-site communications support for churches, social good nonprofits, and other organizations who focus on supporting initiatives related to personal development, mental health, and community-building.

With a passion for mission-driven causes, communications & technology, RozLilia provides organizations with services ranging from brand development, content strategy, messaging, graphic design, execution, distribution, and social media management.

​Learn how a collaboration between you can help your organization make a lasting impact. 


Contact RozLilia today and make an impact with your integrated communications strategy.


Ready to take the next step up with your organization's communications?

Thank You for Contacting RozLilia Salgado!

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