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Inspiring Hope: Path to Deeper Connection

Case Study: Worship Inspiration

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Context: Brand & Messaging

RozLilia Salgado believes that a brand can be thought of as a soul, a personality, the essence of a person or culture's spirit. Its expression sometimes through the five human senses and other times through deeds, words, appearance, and even the nuance of nonverbal cues like tone, volume, body language, association, etc. All of these are very human. And that is what she sees as crucial to recognize in communications: the human element.

In this case study, faces, personality, diversity, and relatability are key parts of RozLilia's recommendations to continue developing Woodside Church's communication strategy. The Worship Inspiration series is a way that the church community can begin to demonstrate a fundamental point of view, that the church, itself is not just a building–but instead, a community of hopeful, faithful and inspired people.

The Worship Director expressed her interest in supporting the growth of the community and offered to brainstorm and collaborate with RozLilia. Upon careful consideration of communication guidelines and production logistics they got to work on a templated social media series.

Content & Communications Coaching

The content guidelines provided to the Worship Leader included: song references, personalized worship team member thoughts, name and headshot. The social media content varied primarily due to the platform's technological restrictions (character count, interactivity, etc.). The Worship Inspiration posts typically contain excerpts from the Worship Leader's call to worship or shared contemplation. Hash tags typically reference the church's social media handle and other standard information along with recording artist references.

Distribution Plan

The social media plan implemented was meant to

  • help Woodside be seen as a diverse community of caring people (rather than just a logo or felt as an amorphous entity)

  • support Sunday worship service retention

  • prompt more engagement through contextualized content, (friends seeing & liking friends' more personal posts)

  • encourage audience interest in worship music

  • introduce new songs to foster familiarity

  • be a light-weight, frequent production that would generate more original, shareable content

Graphic Design & Implementation

A couple of templates were graphically designed in Canva as a convenient way to equip the Worship Team to perpetuate content creation free from bottlenecks.

Engagement increase:

In comparison, Worship Team posts (Worship Inspiration and Worship Service excerpts) tend to receive more engagement than auto-generated posts from a paid service.

Reference Links:

Please note, Facebook, Instagram,, and Woodside Website and App (Android, iOS) may differ from original posts due to their dynamic digital nature.


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