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Benefit Concert: Invitation to Step Into Your Identity?

Case Study: Paul Baloche

Integrated Communication Strategy



One of the most interesting parts of effective communication is how it can invite audiences to step into their identity a little more. Audiences need to receive regular invitations to take another step in their journey of becoming. Moving beyond the steps of learning, believing and into taking action needs to be a regular practice as your organization seeks to support them in this endeavor.

In this case study, you'll see that Paul Baloche is well-known within Christian communities for his worshipful music and enthusiastic ability to lead people to open the eyes of their hearts (intentional reference to his popular, heart-opening worship song "Open the Eyes of My Heart"). As it relates to this communications strategy, this fact is leveraged within the content strategy.

Content Strategy

Building a content strategy is like building a bridge for the purpose of connecting people in relationships and continuing on their journey to become more of what they long for. This benefit concert event not only benefits the children of Zambia; but also serves as a means for concert goers to become faithful contributors in actively support these children. The familiarity the audience has with the recording artists / worship leaders' and the sponsoring church is one that builds a feeling of trust.

The simplest way to keep things clear is to remember that concert goers are the audience. The children are the beneficiaries. The event is the product and the artists are the features of that product. The church is the sponsor who organized & hosted the event.

So, as discussed in the "Making Faith Accessible" case study, the focus should be on the audience's needs (aka: the would-be concert goer), where they get their information, as well as what their hurdles are. THEN remembering who you are, as the facilitator, that connects with them in a relatable way, provides clarity, and equips & supports them to meet that need.

Distribution Plan

Taking into account the would-be concert goers preferences, the tailored content is dripped out over a set amount of time on specific milestone dates according to the multi-channel Distribution Plan. In this case, news outlets were contacted with cover letters and press releases; social posts were created & distributed using graphics and videos; posting on external sites (including YouTube, Patch, etc.); paid print & digital advertising was leveraged.

Visual Branding & Graphic Design

The content strategy & messaging was fleshed out with a stylized brand look and feel that was consistent throughout the plethora of collateral types: vinyl banners, posters, directional signs, donation cards, tickets, website, eBlasts, social media, etc. in order to drive awareness and interest within the congregation as well as the larger community through clear, consistent messaging & general repetition.


With many moving parts, plan development, organization, coordinated efforts and project management are key in executing a large scale campaign like this one!

Impact / performance snapshot:

There was a packed house on the evening of the concert. Paul Baloche loved the way the campaign was handled. The children of Zambia received the support that they needed for the orphanage & the crisis center as a result of the generosity of the concert goers.

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